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Sometimes, I wonder why I even try

Cross-posted to vlarps_suck and bad_rpers_suck.

A list of complaints about last Sunday's game:

1. Popping in and out of Mist Form, only so you can say something stupid, insulting, or both, is a waste of everyone's time. Including [insert name of deity here]'s, for creating you. And when someone reminds you to mark off the blood you spent to do this stupid stunt, going, "Wah, wah, wah." is rude beyond belief. I believe one of you individuals spent more blood than you have. I will be mentioning it to the ST, as cheating can get you docked XP.

2. Showing up at a gathering you were invited to and insulting the host and everyone else, who haven't done anything to you, is beyond stupid in a Vampire game. If you want this character dead, just ask the ST to work up a scene for you, and quit inflicting your issues on the rest of us.

3. I was chatting amiably with someone, when someone else walked up (character's name is Bart), and this conversation ensued:
Bart: Hi!
Me: Hello.
Bart: What's your name?
Me: Lakshita. (Note: This is a random Hindu name I pulled off a list of names on the Internet. My character is from India.)
Bart: Why can't anyone here have a normal name?
Me: What? It is perfectly normal. My parents gave it to me.
Bart: Your parents are weird. My name is Bart.
Me: Well, I think your name is silly. It is too short and it doesn't describe you at all.
Bart: Whatever. Aspect of the Predator.
Me: What???
Nearby Narrator: ((OOC)) Are you using a Discipline on her?
Bart: ((OOC)) Yeah, but it doesn't do anything. I'm just making an ugly face at her.

(Before this goes any further, I should note that I had just come out of a scene where I spent 45 minutes Dominating some mortal to save the Masquerade. I am also the host of the gathering. I am tired, in and out of character.)

Me: ((OOC)) Uh, what?
Bart: ((OOC)) I'm making an ugly face. I want to see what your character's reaction is.
Me, attempting to think on my feet: ((OOC)) You see the facial expression of someone whose house just fell down around them, yet all the pieces missed them, but they don't want to move because the situation is unsettled.
Bart: ((OOC)) OK, I do it again.

At this point, I walked off.

He then proceeded to use Aspect of the Predator on every other person who walked by.

4. When we have to leave the building at 9:30, starting a major scene with a possible major villain at 9:08 is just plain mean. It's especially mean to me when your pointless scene that did nothing but let you wave your dick around almost makes me late to something actually fun.

5. Spreading evil rumors, to the ST, about how my friend who just wants a chance to LARP is actually trying to steal the ST's job is not cool. Spreading evil rumors about the ST to everyone else so no one wants to listen to him is even worse.

6. Listening to the dumb cunt from 5 and pulling disruptive stunts like 1 and 3 as an act of so-called protest is utterly ridiculous.

Thanks for letting me rant. You will all probably be hearing from me in the future.

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