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Embrace the creativity of Vampy Larpers...

Since I can't rant on my main LJ as the person is a "friend" on it...

I just LOVE when someone changes their history not once but twice mid-game and gets away with it. Particularly, when the history change is such that it actually saves the PC's ass from major repercussions they deserve.

I should be peeved at the ST right? I am a bit. But, blame it some of lack of organization and a revolving door of ST's. Not wholly his fault.
I'd even give the benefit of the doubt if I didn't know the PC's entire bg and history having had my own last PC hooked up closely with theirs.

You just gotta love the old "missing childer" trick - particularly when they magically happen to be staying with the PC at just the right time...


/end rant!
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