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It's Been Awhile .....

So time to release some bitterness .....

So I have been LARPing for around 7 years now. And in that time, I've been STing off and on (mostly on) since 2001. Why I still put up with the bullshit, I don't know. But here's the basic rundown of my night last night.

Stupidity behind the cut .....

So I go to the local LARP. I'm currently playing a Sabbat PC. Yes, I'm based in a Camarilla game. Namely because I have spent quite a bit of time as an infiltrator (and have done so successfully, because I'm actually a somewhat intelligent gamer). Myself and my brother's PC are in a pack together (namely me being nice to him so that we finally have PCs who interact that don't involve me trying to kill him). So we go to the local game with one purpose. We are there to retrieve a packmate who "disappeared" several months ago. My PC finally found a way to go about tracking him after months of being able to do nothing.

So we go to one of the STs and say "We have this way to track our missing packmate, so we would like to do such". We figure this is a pretty good idea as it keeps us away from the primarily Camarilla section of the game (which tends to equate to less combat ..... funny enough, they're usually the ones who want to start said combats). The ST says "Well, I will get back to you shortly". So we wait for probably around fifteen or twenty minutes. He then comes back around and we remind him again. He informs us that we may wanna speak to one of the other STs as said packmates is in the hands of his PC. So I tell the ST that this is more reason for us to go to him instead. So he speaks to the other ST and comes back to us. He then informs us that as we look for said packmate, we end up walking for a LONG time until we leave the city limits. I say "Oh fine, okay ..... We get in the car and I have him (my brother's PC) drive". We eventually leave Illinois and end up in Indiana.

So a thirty second scene basically took us out of game the rest of the night due to "drive time". So we spend the rest of the night sitting in the OOC room, talking about how "Well in Indiana, we think that is the devil ...." or "In Indiana, we bone craft donkey punch Toreador Sheriffs ....". The most fun part about the evening was when I got them to stamp me an item card for a t-shirt that said "Indiana Beach: There is more than just corn in Indiana!". And basically we ended up bored as shit all night.

At the end of the night, we continued our scene with said ST. Said scene then lasted maybe another two minutes. He informed us that we would end up in N.Y. Luckily, my PC has contacts outside the state so that finding a place to sleep was not an issue. However, when we arrive at the location of our lost packmate and my PC checks it out in Astral .... What do I find?

I find that the Ventrue (former Prince) who is the PC of the other ST is there with our packmate (as a conditioned minion). And with him (as his "protector") is an NPC of the other ST who happens to be 1) a crack character that should never have existed (i.e. a 7th gen Catiff, use to be Tzim embraced Giovanni, with crazy powerz like Paralysing Glance and Withering), 2) said NPC is a Paladin to a Sabbat Priscus (yet he's protecting a Camarilla Ventrue), 3) and is very much seemingly his way of protecting his friend's PC. So we got about 2 1/2 minutes worth of scene just to be fucked over because the ST likes to play favorites with his buddy.

Good f$%&in' times!
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