Kadath in the Cold Waste (kadath) wrote in vlarps_suck,
Kadath in the Cold Waste

Sabbat LARPs are destined to explode.

Just to put you in the proper frame of mind, this was the game where one of the players said "Hey, my character wants to buy silver-tipped incendiary rounds!" The GM said "How is he going to get his hands on those?" The player proceeded to buy a box of what claimed to be said rounds off the Internet and brought a couple to the next session.

So, this same GM let a Tremere anti (my packmate, incidentally) have Path of Conjuring at 3 or something, whatever the level is where the creations can be permanent. The Tremere then sat down and conjured up a bunch of white phosphorus, which he loaded into grendades which he carried on his person at all times, underneath a voluminous trenchcoat. He also managed somehow to come by a broadsword with a magnesium core--don't ask me how that was supposed to work; perhaps it was just magnesium cladding--which he also carried with him everywhere. I believe the plan was to ignite the sword while in combat by using Lure of Flames. Anyway, all of these facts were unbeknownst to everyone but the GM and the player in question.

Our pack, led by a short-tempered Brujah (shocking, I know) was having discipline problems. The firebug Tremere and some other members had run off and done...things without the Brujah's knowledge, and he had in no uncertain terms informed the Tremere that were he ever to pull anything like that again, the Brujah would cut him down where he stood.

Cut to a rancorous discussion among multiple packs concerning, um, what to do with an ambassador from the Lupines, I believe. The Tremere and the Brujah got into a heated argument, and the Tremere whirled about to stomp out. "I warned you," said the Brujah.

"What?" said the Tremere.

"Go stand over there," said the Brujah, pointing at the center of the room.

A bit puzzled, the Tremere did what he was told. The Brujah grabbed the nozzle end of his flamethrower and hit the Tremere with a gout of fire.

"WHAT THE HELL?" said the GM.

"You let me have it during character creation," said the Brujah's player.

A terrible look of despairing inevitability crept into the GM's eyes. He turned to the Tremere. "Are you carrying--"

"Yup," said the Tremere.

The GM's shoulders sagged. "Okay," he said. "When the burst from the flamethrower hits, the room explodes into an enormous ball of fire and shrapnel. Everyone test for Rotschreck--no, screw that, you're all frenzying."

"WHAT?" we asked as one.

The Tremere's player was on the ground laughing.
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