Secretly Mike Young (ambug666) wrote in vlarps_suck,
Secretly Mike Young

All LARPs Suck

No they don't. But I'd like to invite folks to peruse my journal; if you look at some of the older entries, you'll see a listing of the five worst larps I've ever played.

Here's the direct link to the Vampire one:

On a slightly on-topic note, I saw a lot of messages on how powergaming rollplayers were bad for LARP. I actually came up with an elegant solution for our current LARP, which none of the other GMs would let me implement.

We use a very nifty online database to track character points, and their skills and abilities. One of our powergamers wants to be able to see the max combat scores (so he can make sure his are the highest, natch, although he won't admit that).

Nightfall productions has a wonderful way to make money: they sell XP for the larps they run. want a more powerful character? Pony up the bucks. And it works! I watched them pay for a dealer's table at a convention out of XP money they collected.

My idea was to combine these two facts. Sell XP. Let players know who had the best stats. Step 4: Profit! "Hey Batman, you know, Gunbunny has a higher ranged weapon skill than you." *Ka-ching*. "Hey Gunbunny, it looks like Batman's ranged weapon skill just jumped past yours." *Ka-ching*. Repeat as necessary.

For some reason, the rest of the GMs didn't like the idea....
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