W. L. (theoriginalwl) wrote in vlarps_suck,
W. L.

Why I hate LARPS

You know, so often people complain about munchkins messing up the game. They whine about overly pretentious people ruining the game. They kvetch about rules-lawyers, they bitch about cheaters, they moan about boring evenings.

I just want simple human amenities. Like, say, a toilet.

We have had a Vampire LARP of some type every year in my city for the last 10 or so odd years. During that time, NONE have had an accesible toilet. You want me to respect Elysium? MAKE SURE I DON'T HAVE TO PISS BEHIND IT.

How about...lighting? You know, for those of us who actually haven't "memorized" their character sheet. I would at least like the option of not having to bullshit what my stats are. I know it's customary for everyone else at the game, but hey, I'm a maverick.

Chairs would be nice. Are you telling me Vampires spend every evening in eternity never sitting down. Oh, I'm sorry onl the Prince and Primogen can actually have the 5 or so chairs in existence.

Ummm...pencils? Anybody got one? Anybody? Anybody at all? 5 bucks for a pencil guys.

Okay, how about actual protection from the elements? You expect me to show up in an all black gother than thou costume when it's 92 degrees outside. Maybe you would get a little more action from your players if they weren't dying of hypothermia/heat stroke.

Maybe some privacy? Could we play somewhere not every asshole redneck can stare at us?

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