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vlarps_suck's Journal

Vampire Larps Suck
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Let's face it, while there may be good Vampire LARPs out there, like anything else, 90% of them are crap.

So, here's your chance to bitch, whine, and moan. It doesn't matter if you think all Vampire LARPs suck and are destined to failure, or if you only dislike particular LARPs (like the one you're in), or even it's just that you hate particular types of people who LARP, this is the community for you.

For a post to be on-topic, it has to have all of the following properties:

1. It must be about a Vampire LARP. That is, it has to be about Live Action Roleplay, and that roleplay has to involve vampires, tho they don't have to be White Wolf style Kindred.
2. It must be negative in some fashion. There can be positive comments here and there, but you have to be bitching about something, or examining some issue of LARP suckitude. I don't care if it's about Vampire LARPs in general, about the people in your local LARP, or the Camarilla, or whatever, just so it's a bitch, a whine, or a rant in some way. Or "constructive criticism" at least.
3. Okay, it's not a requirement, per se, but it helps to be bitter.

Bonus points for talking about how long you've been LARPing and/or running LARPs despite how much they suck.

Please note: While this community is for ranting, if your rant is unusually long, please make use of "Livejournal cut". If you don't know what that is, read the FAQ. Dammit.

If you want to know why this community exists, click here. If you want support for running or playing a LARP, I suggest the excellent larp_support community, which would rock my socks off if I wasn't too poser-cool to admit it, and was first announced here.