morlayne (morlayne) wrote in vlarps_suck,

There's the soft sell, the hard sell, and then there's ramming the For Sale sign up someone's ass.

When newbies come to our Live Action Vampire game, you will not win them to the cause by:

1. Buttonholing them for 45 minutes to brag about your character, your clan, or happy-neato powers that aren't even allowed in the game yet. That smells of the stalker. It will scare away anyone worth roleplaying with.

2. Talking shit, such as, "All Daeva are whores!" Anyone who thought the Daeva were interesting will now feel unwelcome.

This is the second time I've posted something in a community that I won't be posting in my own journal due to possible drama. My time with this game is damn near up.
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