Nate (nate_the_nos) wrote in vlarps_suck,

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Grrrr LARPs!

This is what I have just hated about LARPs lately ......

It would seem that STs are more interested in "fixing" the "broken" rules that are in the book, rather than caring about whether their players are having fun or not. In the meantime, the players feel bored, ignored, and alienated from their own STs. Because the STs are spending more time trying to get rid of all the "crack" and be as strict as possible. Guess what .... players are not always the enemy. Sometimes there are there to ..... play. Go figure. And they just want to have fun. And you know how they have fun? By having creative STs who care about whether or not their players have fun. Leave the rules and "crack" alone. If you see a card or a sheet you don't like, get rid of it. Whatever. But try putting down the book and the Nazi ruler for about five minutes, and just show your players that LARP can (theoretically) be fun.
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